Our consultants specialise in the art of creating exquisite itineraries that will provide you with memorable moments to last a lifetime. An extensive supplier database and international local contacts ensures our clients of a truly personalised and local cultural experience at your chosen destination.

There are so many hidden secrets across the globe, left to chance you may by lucky enough to stumble across some of them unexpectedly, others you may never realise exist. Our travel specialists are passionate travellers and individuals who thrive upon sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Whether your passion is Adventure, Touring, Relaxation, Sports, Culture, History, Environment or a combination of them all… we can present you with a range of options.¬†We love to travel and we love sharing our travel experience and ideas with our clients. With our amazing destinational knowledge – in most cases you will be able to speak to someone who has either been to your holiday destination or who has reliable first hand feedback and knowledge of the location.

Many hours of work are spent ‘behind the scenes’ researching and fine tuning to create the ‘perfect’ itinerary for each and every holiday.¬†Quality control processes ensure that no detail is left to chance. A full briefing of all your travel arrangements, documents and final itinerary is scheduled prior to your departure to ensure that you are well versed on every aspect of your travel itinerary.

Our 24/7 emergency assistance team ensure that you can travel with peace of mind knowing that we are with you all the way.